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Create a powerful meditation habit as easy as brushing your teeth!

Had trouble starting a meditation practice?

Get started, meditate deeply, make it a heathly habit!

Reduce stress, improve your health, be happier!

Maybe you've tried starting a meditation practice and quit due to frustration, lack of motivation, or lack of results. Maybe you've heard about the mental and physical benefits of meditation, but don't know where to start. This course is for you!

Become an Expert Meditator Quickly

Anybody can learn to meditate deeply!

This course is for you if you've ever had any of the following problems:

  • I don't know how to start.
  • I started meditating but couldn't keep up with it.
  • I don't have enough time to meditate.
  • I tried meditation but found it frustrating.
  • I can't get rid of distractions or stop my thinking.
  • I feel weird chanting, or going to a place where other people are more experienced.
  • I'm not religious or don't want to change my religion.

There's no chanting, you can meditate in the comfort of your home, and this practice is non-religious. I will show you everything step-by-step.

Ongoing Support Community

This course includes lifetime access to a closed Facebook group where you can gain community support, ask questions, and get free guided meditations.


Introduction to Meditation


  • 1. Introduction to meditation.
  • Why meditate? FREE PREVIEW
  • Beginning practice
  • Discussion
  • Private Support Group

2. Top Five Meditation Gremlins


  • Clearing blocks to meditation practice
  • The Gremlins
  • The Practice
  • Discussion

3. Meditation basics


  • Basics for Successful Meditation
  • 5 Basics of Meditation
  • The practice
  • Discussion

4. Making a meditation habit


  • How to Make Healthy Habits
  • 5 Components of Building Positive Habits
  • The practice
  • Discussion

5. Deepen Your Meditation


  • Deepen your meditation
  • Going deeper
  • The Practice
  • Discussion

About Your Instructor

John Moore

John Moore

Meditation Teacher, Shamanic Healer

John Moore has been meditating for decades. Trained in numerous contemplative practices, including Tantric Buddhism, John is skilled in simplifying the practice for his students.

John is a shamanic healer and solutions-focused life coach focused on mind, body, and spirit approaches. He is has trained in and taught martial arts for over 30 years.

You can learn more about him at MaineShaman.com.



Meditation Basics


Your Body

Making Meditation a Habit

Going Deeper

Understand Meditation


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